Client RC6 Released

So we updated again…this time around it is to version RC6.

The big changes in this build are:

  • Fixed a critical bug with IC2 energy not flowing.
  • Smaller download size.

As it turns out, when we pushed RC5, we updated to a version of IndustrialCraft that has a rather severe bug in it that affects glass fiber power cables. Energy would randomly stop flowing through glass cables in certain chunks for no reason, and only a server restart would fix it. The problem would come back again rather quickly, usually within a few hours. We’ve reverted to IC2 r364 (the one in our RC4 client) to fix it. The update also fixed all the log spam caused by IC2-r385. Anyone playing one player was impacted by this, as was our server (the log kept growing to insane sizes due to enet warnings).

We also deleted the minecraft.jar from the distribution files since it wasn’t supposed to be included to begin with. The client download/updates got smaller by 5MB.

Your client will ask to update to RC6 the next time you log on. If you receive an error about IC2 being the wrong version when you log in, restart both the game and launcher, and accept the update when prompted.