Client RC7b Released!

Another day, another update. This actually shipped last night after midnight. RC7b is a major update that restores some features from legacy, adds a few new items, and makes some small changes.

Also, note that “b” in the name? Yeah, it’s the second try. As it turns out, Forestry complained about our hacked IC2 version in the client, so we had to undo it. Oddly, it works on the server side just fine…

The full list:

* Fixed excessive copper generation
* Fixed broken IC2 trade-o-mats on SMP only. Forestry refuses to cooperate with modified IC2 in clients.
* Wooden buckets now burnable as furnace fuel. Can also be cooked to make charcoal.
* Books and paper now burnable as furnace fuel.
* Removed MFR compatibility modules for mods Acmine doesn’t have.
* Removed Modular ForceField System mod (MFFS). Advanced Repulsion Systems duplicates its functionality.
* Removed sound resources leftover from the alpha version. Saved 10MB.
* Removed Java natives from package. Saved 1MB.
* Added InPureTools mod. Adds a new “gem cluster” ore and item that can be made into tools.
* Added CustomStuff2 Engine
* Added Alloy Furnaces. Creative only in single player, SMP players on official server can buy one at the store. They smelt vanilla tools and items back into ingots (bucket->iron, etc.). Also usable as a normal furnace.
* Added InPureTools compatibility module. Players can use Thermal Expansion Induction Smelters and Pulverizers to make or separate gem clusters from/into Ruby/Sapphire/Green Sapphire.