Client RC10 and Acmine NXT

This post has quite a bit of information. The stable client has been updated once again, and a new line of Acmine clients have begun development based on MC1.6.4.

Client Update RC10

The client has been upgraded once again, this time to RC10. This update adds two new mods, Additional Buildcraft Objects (ABO) and Liquid XP.

ABO adds a variety of useful sorting and flow control pipes for buildcraft, including a pipe for releasing fluids into the world and for sorting liquids.

Liquid XP adds a legitimate way of storing your experience by allowing you to convert it to a liquid that can be stored in buckets or tanks like any other fluid. You can use the liquid to enchant things, make XP Bottles, etc.

Acmine NXT, a 1.6.4-based client

Acmine NXT is the development branch of Acmine. Currently, we’re working on a 1.6.4-based client that will be compatible with the existing world. It contains updated versions of the same mods as the current Acmine, plus new enhancements that are yet to be finalized. However, we’ll say that some enhancements currently being worked on are:

  • Connected glass – Glass blocks appear to merge into one big piece of glass when placed next to each other. This is a comeback from Legacy, where the same effect was provided by Optifine and well-loved by players. Clear windows are a beautiful sight. 🙂
  • Waila – Point at a block in-game, and it tells you its name and mod of origin.
  • Thaumcraft 4 – Completely redone, it’s a whole new ballgame. Essences, nodes, and similar are not compatible with Thaumcraft 3, they’ll will disappear. The mechanics are entirely different too.

There is no public release of the development version yet.

Next Steps and where we go from here

Our next major priority will be getting the 1.6/NXT client into at least a semi-stable form so it can replace the current 1.5.2-based server. Over the next few weeks, there will likely be one or two more Acmine 1.5 releases, mostly to make changes to prepare the world for the 1.6 transition. Expect some of the following:

  • NumiRP’s lighting blocks will go away in favor of RedLogic’s versions in the near future. They’re duplicate and serve the same purpose. If you have NumiRP lighting, your lamps will disappear when the update ships. If that happens, let us know and we’ll poof up some RedLogic ones for you.
  • EnhancedPortals will be disabled temporarily. Nobody is using it currently, and we don’t want people to start now. It’ll return in 1.6 with an entirely new version.
  • Alloy Furnaces are being recalled due to an abuse hazard. The players that bought one will get a refund from Acmart. Tip: Use an uncrafting table. Although it costs XP, the new Liquid XP mod makes it easy to store XP like any other item.
  • CustomStuff2 is being eliminated in 1.6/NXT. It shipped in RC7 (alongside INPureTools) to test out TE integration for the smelter/pulverizer. Books and paper will no longer be flammable either.
  • INPureTools, which provided the gem clusters for the CustomStuff2 testing will stay in 1.5, but go away in 1.6/NXT. Crush all clusters into gems using a pulverizer.
  • Tradebooth will be dropped. It’s not in use anywhere as far as we know.

After all this stuff happens, the focus will be on finding players.