About the Owner

Acmine is currently a one-man operation. Acmine was originally created as a server for me (the owner) and my friends to play on, and attracted some attention on Reddit at one point, leading to the development of a website. We’ve never been big, but we usually have a few players on each week and more are always welcome!

Our map has been around since 2012, when the server launched on 1.4.7. We reset the map using the same seed when we moved to 1.5.2, but since then it’s been upgraded to 1.6.4, and now 1.7.10 while preserving as much of the player-built content as possible. A 1.12.2 client is on its way (mods are playing catch-up still, so its waiting on parts so to speak :p )

As time passed, we moved the server around to several different servers. Lately we’re running it on a Windows Server 2016 VPS hosted in Silicon Valley by HelioHost, a nonprofit web hosting company, which was provided free in return for my volunteer support work for them. If you want, you can reach me on their forums too (username wolstech).

Throughout this website, you may also see references to “RAX Computer Technologies” or “raxsoft”, which is the name I use on my software and consulting projects. I don’t actively update the website for raxsoft.com any longer but the domain is still heavily used for many of my projects. The Acmine support email (acmine@raxsoft.com) and the actual game server (minecraft.raxsoft.com), are all located there for instance!