This page lists some common questions that people might ask. It will be updated with new questions when we start seeing common requests.

Q: Why the name ‘Acmine’?

A: It’s a carry-over from the days when we were a small private server. In the early days, there was a building on that provided free centrally-supplied resources. These included an automatic ore refinery (you put ore in, got ingot out), oil refinery, and a power plant. It later included a fireworks factory, energy distribution system, biofuel plant, and many other facilities. The big brick building got the name ACME as an acronym (A Company that Makes Everything). Nowadays, we have the ACME Industrial Park instead…

Acmine is just a mash-up of minecraft and Acme.

Q: Why don’t you update Minecraft? 1.7.10 is ancient!

A: Unfortunately, the timeline for updating a pack such as this is dependent upon mod authors releasing their updates (or alternatives becoming available) in a timely manner. We’re still waiting on a few major mods such as Railcraft to become available for 1.12.1 so we can release a new version of our modpack.

Q: I see you have ComputerCraft. Is there remote file system access? Does it support HTTP?

A: Yes, the computers have HTTP enabled, so you can use outside data in your creations! FTP is available upon request, so email us if interested. We’ll need to know what the ID numbers of your ComputerCraft computers are so we can assign them to you. You can get this number by running “id” on the command line of the CC computers in question.

Q: Where can I get help?

A: Email us! We’re glad to help. We can be reached at acmine@raxsoft.com. If you’re already in the game, you can also use one of the trouble report computers found at any power substation, on the bridge to the power plant, or in the back of Acmart for assistance.

Q: Who are the mods/admins?

A: Currently, Sacred517. If we ever expand beyond a few players, more admins will be hired from the community.

Q: I saw/read/heard you can get free IC2 electricity. How do I get my free electricity?

A: Ask an admin in-game or email us. Be sure to give us coordinates to wherever you want the electric service, since an admin will need to run a wire and put a meter in for you.

Q: Where’s the docs for all these items?

A: We don’t have any. Most of the items can be googled by name though since they’re common items from major mods. Feed The Beast’s wiki has a lot, as does the Tekkit Lite wiki. Twilight Forest, Forestry, and Railcraft items have dedicated wikis from their authors. A quick Google will find just about everything you could need to know about the game. In game, there’s also NEI’s Recipe and Use features that can get you some quick help on what an item is good for or made from. Just click the item in the NEI interface on the right side, and press R or U to show the information.

Q: Can I be a mod/admin/op?

A: Not right now. Asking this question is the quickest way to get banned aside from griefing too, so please don’t ask. We’ll announce it when we’re ready to pick new admins.

Q: Can I play in creative?

A: Yes. Please email us at acmine@raxsoft.com with your username and we’ll switch your game mode for you. Please note that you need to be online for us to do it. There are some restrictions placed on players in creative though to prevent impacting Survival players. If there’s enough demand for creative, we may add a second map for these players.

Q: I sometimes hear admins talking about “legacy” in-game. What is it?

A: It’s the old server. Before Acmine was ‘Acmine Legacy’, a 1.4.7 server built on Tekkit Lite with a few mods like Railcraft, Twilight Forest, and Forestry added to it. It had about 10 players total and was built with playing on older PCs in mind. It’s still around, but we don’t have a public client at the moment. If there’s demand, we’ll post one.

  • Fun fact: If you download an older Beta client, the launcher background is a picture of the ACME building from Acmine Legacy.

Q: Can you add <some feature>?

A: Send your suggestions to us. We’d love to hear about them. If there’s enough demand for something, we might add it in an update. Suggestions should be sent to acmine@raxsoft.com just like support requests!

Q: What economy or rationing plugins do you use.

A: None. We don’t like economy plugins. The economy is implemented in-game using Industrial Credits and Gold Nuggets. Ratio is 7C to 1N conversion. Items are for sale in vending machines. Free electricity is rationed by usage using in-game items and control circuits.

Q: Why don’t you have a forum or somewhere for players to discuss the game?

A: We just haven’t gotten there yet. We’ll set one up eventually if there’s demand. Getting the game and website up and running first is more important. Feel free to start a topic on minecraftforums.net or something in the meantime! We can use all the publicity we can get!