Acmine NXT (Development Client)


So you’re interested in the upcoming official release…

If you want to try the alpha, follow the download instructions on our Download page, using this Pack URL instead of the one shown in Step 3:

The NXT client is our development branch of Acmine. The official client, simply called Acmine, is our stable release, and the one for which we provide an official server. The NXT client has no official multiplayer server, and is best used in single-player creative for testing purposes. That’s not to say you can’t play survival, it most definitely should work just fine (let us know if it doesn’t!). We just don’t recommend it since it updates frequently and your map might break.

When testing and enhancements are finished, the NXT client will be promoted and become the normal Acmine client, and NXT will begin anew with the next version of Minecraft (likely 1.8).